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Our Values

Faith (Heb. 11:1,6)  

To go where we have not gone before requires risk-taking faith. Some of the characteristics are:

i.      Exalted view of God

ii.      Accurate view of ourselves

iii.      Devotion to our first love

iv.      Spirit-filled living

v.      Word-filled living

vi.      Full of faith – believe God for the impossible – taking initiative

vii.      Courage – Risk taking

viii.      Priority on prayer

Growth (Col. 1:28)   

We want to be on fire for Christ, growing in our dependence on Him and in conformity to His will, honourable vessels available for His use. Some of the characteristics are:

 i.      Commitment to the growth & development of those God has entrusted to us

 ii.      Create an environment where people’s gifts & talents are appreciated and they are encouraged to use them

 iii.      Multiplication of effective leaders

 iv.      Well-led, healthy teams

v.      Environment of life-long, aggressive learning

vi.      Greater organizational health

Fruitfulness (John 15:5.16)   

We desire to bear much fruit. We want to offer the gospel to people in culturally relevant ways. We want to use simple and transferable methods of equipping. Some of the characteristics are:

 i.      Cultural awareness

 ii.      Innovation & creativity

iii.      Effective strategies – working strategically

 iv.      Measurements & evaluation

v.      Increased capacity for the Mission

vi.      Stewardship

 vii.      Depending on God for the results

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