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Why We Take the Initiative

Cru’s definition of successful witnessing begins with “Taking the initiative…” Why is this?

3 Modes of Evangelism Discussion

After having seen the video about the 3 modes, consider showing it to those in your Cru movement and discussing the following questions.

Why We Journey Alongside Others

Many have likened the process it takes for someone to consider, receive and follow Christ as a journey.

The Tell-Tale Art

How your story can help change lives.

Helping New Believers Grow

Six essential steps to start someone on the road toward Christian maturity.

Should You Call Yourself "Evangelical?"

Now, more than ever, as followers of Jesus in a post-Christian culture, what we do needs to match what we say.

Community 2:8 (Evangelistic Community)

Our incredibly high ratio of exposures to involved new believers has left me longing for our evangelistic approaches to be not only successful, but also effective.

Are You Afraid of Offending People With Your Faith?

Helping you obey the Lord’s call to evangelism without turning people away.

Don't Wait – Spill Your Secrets

Some will say you should build a resume of trust first, before risking telling the mystery of the gospel. That helps, but it’s not essential.

4 Phrases Christians Need to Stop Saying

We’ve adopted four sayings into our everyday verbiage that may offer less biblical truth than we think.

How to Love Someone When You Think They’re Wrong

"It shouldn’t surprise you that people hold onto their beliefs and ideologies strongly. I know this because it’s exactly what I do."

Do Talk to Strangers

Learn how you can respond to God's call to share your faith with others.

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