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Was It a Waste of Time?

Opportunity to talk about Jesus doesn’t go as planned for one woman on an airplane.

Those in Your Own Backyard

Discover practical tips for talking about Jesus to your neighbors.

Creatively Communicating the Gospel with Technology

Brian, a high school student in Oklahoma leads Adam, a college student in North Dakota to pray and receive Christ using his iPhone and the Internet.

How to Talk to Your Family about Christ

Learn to overcome your fear of sharing the gospel with loved ones.

Refreshing Conversation

Five practical ideas about evangelism for daily life.

Not Missing An Opportunity to Share Jesus

While waiting for a bus in Kansas, an Ethiopian Cru® staff member meets a man from an unreached people group in his home country. He shares the gospel with him using an app, and the man decides to follow Jesus.

Father Knows Best

Talking to God about someone's needs can bring a chance to talk about God.

The Secret of 2 Questions

Starting a life-changing conversation is easier than you think and you can do it anywhere.

Overcoming Fears and Excuses

One man’s internal struggle to share the gospel will shine insight into your fears in witnessing.

Evangelism First Steps

3 stories about first-time evangelism.

Evangelism Without a Bullhorn

What does it really look like to obey Jesus’ command to spread the gospel?

What Happens When People Google “Jesus”

We turn to the internet for our ordinary, mundane, and sometimes embarrassing questions. But we also look to this infinite store of knowledge for answers to life's most complex moral, intellectual, and spiritual quandaries.

How Should Christians Respond To Earth Day?

I believe nature is one of the most powerful tools we have in worship and evangelism.

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