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How Do I Get Help?

We aren’t asking you to do this alone. There are Cru staff ready and able to help you get started.

Can I Really Do This?

The Bible speaks of different ways in which God wants us to lead. Here are three.

Praying for the Lost

Prayer is a very important tool that opens doors for effective ministry.


We will share resources that will help your vision and efforts as you send students out to win, build, and send others.

Contact Form

This is the information we would ask a potential leader to provide so that we can contact them.

Always Keep the End in Mind – Transferring Your Leadership

Here are ways to be intentional to disciple the next leader to take over the ministry.


Here are five resources that will help you grow as a leader and give you vision and direction.

How God Can Use You

Equipping the church to build movements everywhere.

What's Your Vision?

Part 1 of living missionally

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