Fund Development (FD)

Fund Development (FD)

Fund Development (FD)

This focuses on building financial capacity through multiple initiatives and to have in place, a mechanism to ensure 100% funding for staff and ministry activities.

To develop and manage the necessary fund development infrastructures for GCMN which is working and has the capacity for self-sustenance at the National, Regional and Local levels.

Core Contributions

Enable the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our nation by increasing fund development capacity:

a)    Leadership Development: Provide training and coaching toward the outcome of every leader a fundraiser at the national and local levels.

b)    Training and Tools: Provide transferable training and tools in fundraising philosophy, communication, donor relations, fund development strategy, staff MPD, supporting processes and systems.

c)     Strategies: Building a national donor network, manage national funding priorities, model national donor events and engagements.

In an article titled “The Spirituality of Fundraising,” Henry Nouwen wrote, “Fundraising, if you think about it from the perspective of the Gospel, is not a response to a crisis. Fundraising is first of all, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing your vision, and inviting other people into your vision with the resources that are available to them.”


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