Family Life

Family Life

Home is meant to be a sanctuary of safety, encouragement and support. Families are the fabric of society, therefore “the strength of any nation lies in its families.” FamilyLife Ministry is committed to helping you find biblical help for your marriage and family relationships; to restore hope for millions of couples and transform their lives. FamilyLife Ministry seeks to ensure that resources (personnel, materials, expertise, etc.) are present everywhere to build godly families in Nigeria and beyond.

FamilyLife’s mission is to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

Core Contributions

1)    Marriage events, retreats and training (Art of Marriage, Weekend to Remember, Stepping Up, etc) to strengthen families.

2)    Tools, strategies and materials (HomeBuilders series, Books, Articles, Radio Programs, etc) to envision, equip and empower couples to help build godly families.

3)    Helping pastors by training lay leaders to develop church based “Family Ministries” in local churches.

4)    Mobilizing intercessors to pray for husbands, wives and children so that they may occupy positions God has ordained for them as entities in His agenda.



Digital Ministry Conference - (Indigitous #Lite)

Organized for believers, church leaders and missionaries, to introduce Digital Ministry and empower like-minded followers of Jesus with a suite of trusted tools and strategies that help them leverage digital media for ministry.

Indigitous #Boot-Camp

IT Boot-Camp is organized for the millenials and digital natives (young adults in Churches) to equip them with IT SKILLS, so they can help their various churches build digital platforms and tools for ministry.

Indigitous #Hack4Missions

Indigitous is about using our talents for God in the digital space. Indigitous Hack for Mission is where we gather together in various groups around the world to engage  with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation.

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